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Black Annealed Iron Wire Tie Binding Soft wire Black Wire

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Black Annealed Iron Wire also called cold drawn wire, is made of Low carbon Steel Material Q195,Q235.It is a composite metal material sourced from low carbon and processed through drawing, High temperature Annealed then Packing. some Customers need paint oil some customer don’t need. It mainly use for Binding tie up rebar and frame for Construction. The wire is very soft .Another Advantage is it is Cheap. Price at a low level. For saving Cost. It will be good Choice.

  • For the packing of Black Annealed wire: Compact roll packing 1-25kg. Common Packing 0.5-800kg roll packing . And also can be cut to be straight wire for binding
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    Packed will be Paper Carton, plastic bag then woven cloth ,Plastic bag then hessian bag.
    Also have wooden Case, wooden pallet.
    Black wire still called Cold Drawn wire. Also made of Low carbon Steel Material Q195,Q235.Raw material is good quality. It is a composite metal material sourced from low carbon .But it will not be Annealed. So the usage will be making Nails, making Wire Mesh Fence .For the packing it will be big roll. At least 100kg one roll. With packing without packing both are needed by Customers.
    Tensile Strength:350-550 Mpa
    Extension 10%.
    Size:0.45mm-5.5mm can be made.
    Coil Diameter for packing: Small coil will be 35cm.Big Coil will be 85cm.
    Special request also can be done. Customized is acceptable. Give me your request will be ok. It is Easy wire but quality also will be very important. Black annealed wire shipped by sea ,it will be suitable for 20’ Feet Container. If allow we can ship 28 Tons gross weight .will take about 20CBM.
    Wire will be same, But packing will be different with different Market. Choose the one which popular in your Market .

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