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Fiberglass Mesh Fiberglass Insect net Window Mosquito Screen

Short Description:

  • Material: fiberglass yarn with PVC coating
  • Mesh count per inch: 18x16, 17x15, 19x17, 20x20 (that should be the specification)
  • Weight gram: 115g/m2 ,120g/m2 ,130g/m2 ,135g/m2 ,will be the wire thickness
  • Weave technology: plain weave by the machine
  • Color: grey, dark grey, black, white, brown, green, blue ,grey& white (customized) Roll width mt: 0.8m, 0.9m, 1m, 1.2m,1.4m, 1.5m, 1.6m etc.
  • Roll Length: 30m,25m,28m etc. customized
  • Usage: used on screen doors & windows, home design and building materials etc.
  • Advantage: protection against mosquitoes & insects & fly & bugs, anti-fire, corrosion resistant, UV ultraviolet-proof, good air and light transmission, easy clean & install, eco-friendly, long durability service, beautiful look high tensile strength
  • Packing way: paper tube + plastic film + woven bag, 6 roll or 10 roll / carton
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    01.The mesh is uniform small hole size,anti-dust,prevent mosquito and insect in,preliminary filtration of air.

    02.Flame retardant materials fire extinguished within 5 Seconds anti corrosive,resistant to burn
    So it is safe to use and long life.

    03.Waterproof materials ,hand wash easy clean and no smell good for health.

    04.Wide range of applications ,directly of windown frames ,wood,steel ,aluminium,plastic foors and windows can beassembled corrosion resistan.
    Anti-Mosquito,Black ultraviolet and Preliminary filtration of air.

    5..Long service life: weather resistant performance, has the advantages of anti aging, anti cold, anti heat, anti dry moisture resistant, flame retardant, moisture resistant, anti-static, good light transmission, channeling wire, no deformation, anti UV, tensile strength and long service life etc.
    Non-toxic tasteless.

    6.The gauze select glass fiber yarn, fire retardant.

    7.The anti-static function, non stick ash, good ventilation.

    8.The light transmittance.

    9.Can be good, with a real sense of stealth effect.

    10.The automatic filter UV radiation, the protection of family health.

    Except Fiberglass material ,we also have Nylon,PP etc. Raw material window Screen for your choice. And we can make samples based on your request or your samples.
    Price:On usual we quote one roll price,sometimes per square meters.

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