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Upgrade again

Our factory improvement our production Line. It is good for Environment and Increase output and save labors. Mostly will make more Bright and soft ,better quality galvanized wire , Because we introduced new equipment ,So Our Workers go to study new Technology for one Month.

For safe, Now the workers need to strictly according to new Factory’s rules Wear safety helmet and wear safety gloves and suits.
Same Year we buy new places to build new Workshop .New Workshop occupation of land 20000 Square meters. Enough place for loading containers and work produce and packing and stock.Development is for making better.

2 Factories work coproduction then delivery time on time and in time . And we can make more items for wire mesh products. We also want to add Fence item for Euro Market.

After new workshop finish, will make new item for customers.


Visit Factory

2020 Year, whole the world Spread Corona Virus. A deep remembrance of those people who affected Covid-19 to pass away. All the people work hardly ,we believe we can overcome Virus to get back normal work and life.

Our factory donated masks and protection suits for our city. Do our best to stand together with our Government. And meantime we disinfect for our Machines and products to keep safe for our workers and products.

Corona Virus never stop our feet.On October, Customer from Shanghai come to our Factory to visit . He learnt our production line and check the quality of our Galvanized wire. After he back, then give us 5 Containers Order.

Covid-19 Year, Our Factory do service for our city .We donated 100Cartons Mask,100 Sets protection suit . And we will do more and more. To protect our city and our people ,Not only Government responsibility ,But also everyone need to do.

Let all people together.


Post time: Jun-07-2022