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Polished Bright Wire Nail Common Iron Nail

Short Description:

common nails is suitable for hard and soft wood, bamboo pieces, or plastic, wall foundry, repairing Furniture, packaging etc. Widely used in construction, decoration, and renovation. The common nails are made from low carbon steel Q195, Q215 or Q235. The common nails can be polished , electro galvanized and hot dipped galvanized finished 3 surface treatment.

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Common nails are strong and stiff, and their shanks have greater diameters than other nails. Both common and box nails have notches near the head of the nail. These notches allow the nails to hold better. Some will have screw-like threads at the top of the nail head for extra holding power. Box nails have thinner shanks than common nails and shouldn't be used for framing construction. When nailing two boards together, both types of nails should completely penetrate one piece of wood and should penetrate the other piece with half its length. This ensures the nail is strong enough for the job.

building construction, decoration field, bicycle parts, wooden furniture, electrical component, household and so on.
nail making process:end product wire--nail making--polishing--acid picking and surface treatment as per product requirement--inspecting packing, storing& transportation.

Common nails Kinds
1.Flat head smooth shank common nail
2.Headless smooth shank common nail
3.Double Head smooth shank common nail

Polish Bright is the color of raw material but bright
Electric galvanized zinc coating will be about 20g
Hot dipped galvanized zinc coating will be about 55g
Different request Customized can be available. Need to talk and discuss and test.

Packaging Details
packing1: bulk packing, 25kg/ctn
packing2: small packing: 1kg/small box, 25boxes/ctn
packing3: small packing:1kg/plastic bag, 25bags/ctn
packing4: at customers' special request on weight
packing5: with or without pallet
Kinds of packing way we can do. Send me your request .


 3/8"-6"Length , Wire nail thickness Diameter BWG4-20 for all kinds of round nails.

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